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Possibly the best thing I've done for myself in a while: joined up w/ my friends @ their new studio.

I had a new (massive!) desk delivered to the warehouse's loading dock this evening (and OMG had a great time w/ my 2 y-o son working the freight elevator as we transported it piece by piece to the studio on a beat-up old dolly); it isn't 'brand' new (Kijiji, I'm single-handedly funding you in KW at the moment), but it's a very, very nice one, and it is a 'corner' desk (wraps around), with detachable sides so I can re-arrange them as needed. *^_^* Finally, room to lay my notes out and *still write*!!!

It has been AMAZINGLY helpful to have my own little 'space' again; and more importantly, I'm finding I'm finally *focused* again. I hadn't realised how distracted I'd become until I was sat down at my keyboard the other night @ Studio 2, at 11:45pm, typing away and realising, "... wow, how much have I done?? I've been at this for some time, uninterrupted, haven't I?..." And you may think that's a stupid comment to make -- but until you've had kids, or had a S.O. who *constantly* has both his PC running listening to internet radio, watching videos on it, and watching TV (ALL SIMULTANEOUSLY), or everything at the same time (and then he or they start up random conversations when they *know* I'm trying to work)... I learned (probably out of self-preservation) to just not invest myself in anything. Because it was so frustrating and disappointing to be constantly interrupted. (And this doesn't make me proud of anything I do, because it constantly feels like a half-assed effort. My writing over the past few years reflects that, too, unfortunately.)

So, new space? Totally worth it. :D Once I get the new desk assembled, (and bring in a kettle & tea pot & cup or two), it will be damn-near perfect. I may only be there from 9pm - midnight (possibly later on weekends, if S.O. ever decides to wake up early on weekends to take care of the kids so I can sleep in a bit... -- and yes, I really am hanging out in a vacant warehouse studio by myself and walking to my car alone at midnight on a work night, mostly just to write crappy fanfic XD), but so far, even just the *feel* of working away at what I want to do has improved. I feel productive again; I'm resolved to do things; I work hard all day *knowing* I have something all to myself to do when I finish up the housework & get the kids to bed. And I don't need to deal with anything *outside* of WHAT I'M DOING AT THAT VERY MOMENT. I don't even have internet access at the studio, and I like it that way. Butt in chair, hands on keyboard. (Vicki So has great advice.) XD That's it. That's how I like it.

I'm pretty tempted to make a post like myaru's to show off the new space once the desk's up & put together. XD It isn't much to look at, but I'm proud of it b/c of what it affords me. I may finally get the feeling back to go back to working on some of my OF (original fiction), too, if things keep going this well. (We'll see...)

And now, before I completely blow my stack at S.O. for interrupting me 8 times in the 20 minutes since I've been home and tried to type (I went to grab tea/coffee w/ friends this evening, instead of going to studio tonight), I'm going to go brush my teeth & read in bed away from him. >_<;;;; Because he's trying to talk to me (when it suits him... in between plays on the Jays game...), and I shouldn't be getting cheesed about that, I'm just short-tempered b/c of the interruptions, not *him* per se. And I do *not* want to take silly things like that out on him. ^.^;

(I had a lovely time w/ my friends tonight, btw. They are awesome!) *^_^*

Now, off to bed. (B/c he's interrupted me another 4-6 times since I wrote that last paragraph, and I'm grinding my teeth.)

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