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--is finally nearing completion, and *ahead* of deadline. Saints Preserve Us, I just may finish it up this week, and have a whole week to review & edit before sending it out to betas on September 1st. (0.0)   

The studio has been a god-send. We are moving (I say 'we', b/c the studio is a shared space b/w myself and several friends) the studio to a new unit around September 1st, so it is probably a very good thing I'm nearly done, since I'll need to be packing my little corner up the week after. XD

BUT! If I can get this smaller OF done, I will finally allow myself to tackle my big projects again. (The larger, 3-part, Song-dynasty-based YA that's planned, along with finishing up the monstrosity that is a fanfic, "Merits"; maybe a few other fics I wrote but didn't finish.)

I need to finish something. Whatever this internal hurdle is that keeps tripping me up and making me stagger when I get close to the end of a writing project, I need to see *something* through so I know I can do this again. Too many issues at work (aha! targeting is fun) have demolished my self-confidence in everything I used to just *know* I was very skilled at/in; I want to know I can finish something and be good at it, again. ^_^;;  *constant need to be praised? Why yes. Miyazawa Yukino am I*

But being less than 6,000 words from my word/story goal? It is amazing to feel like this again.

*cautiously optimistic*

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