Dec. 4th, 2014

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Was hoping that cleaning off the elliptical would make me feel better. Nope. *renewed anger*

*deep breath*

A day at a time, a day at a time...

History/Explanation: Late summer/early fall this year, my FIL & husband decided to open up a wall in the basement to check for possible leakage & water damage since we'd had mild flooding in our area.

But see, they didn't think to move my $4,500+ elliptical out of the way first. In spite of me clearing the way in front of it (it has wheels so it can moved), or even putting a tarp or blanket over it. And me asking them, repeatedly, to be careful with it, and me reminding them that I didn't want a mess to clean up again like I'd had to the last few times they'd 'helped' or 'fixed' things.

Fast Forward: The elliptical is covered in dust, inside and out, there are globs of 'compound' (used to patch up walls) all over it, the handlebars have chunks & gobs of *something* on them I can't identify, and I am losing my f*ing s* because they've effectively ruined MY $4,500 piece of equipment. And the floor? Can't find it. It's covered in construction stuff.

This is after my FIL ruined the paintjob on my brand-new car several years ago, btw.

So, yeah, deep breaths. I started cleaning it off tonight. It has taken me this long to calm down enough to go clean it. Because they didn't.

Deep breaths, jaw clenched, and me being relieved of charitable thoughts towards them for a good, long time. Because this isn't in the nature of forgivable. Unless they show up with $5,000.00 CDN in hand and an apology letter. My savings went into that machine, to help me with my heart. Now I'm having to put out more out of pocket, for a f*ing gym membership--to go use ellipticals.

Deep breaths. Lots of deep breaths.


Dec. 4th, 2014 09:10 pm
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So, within a few minutes of husband finding out I'd been scrubbing down the elliptical, he came down and took over and has just told me that it is 'clean' now.

... it only took him 3.5 months and me getting down on my bad knee for him to get to it, apparently.

(Welcome to 'moor's bitterness night')(Normally I'm a lot better than this, it's just seeing the elliptical in rough shape that put me over my edge. Hopefully that is resolved, now.)


Dec. 4th, 2014 09:14 pm
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While I no longer have my writing studio, I am still writing when I can. Losing the dedicated writing-space (Studio) really hurt my capacity, in that respect.

Hopefully I'll have a new space set up here at home, soon, and will have a proper writing schedule again. If I have a chance, I'll try and make up a table with all the different stories in progress, and what their progress is. (Planning, writing, editing, posting, complete). I have started porting my stories over from and to, too, to collect everything together under one 'roof', so to speak.

I miss the studio. But hubby has said he's taking time off work over the holidays to help me fix up the office here to make it into a new 'studio' for me.

He said this years ago, and promised at the beginning of the summer it would be done. It wasn't. Autumn hit, and I dragged the spare bed & extra furniture out myself, on my own, to at least get started on it. We'll see what the holidays bring.

It could mean a significant blaze in the fireplace, if I get tired of sorting everyone else's papers again.
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(copying here to keep things sort-of consistent)

Well, for starters, my time management is at an all-time high! ;)

Really brief:

- spent the summer on the coast w/ my family
- drove across Canada w/ the kids in my little Civic... on my own. The GPS kamikaze'd itself dramatically midway through the wilds of Qu├ębec. Oh, to return to the glory of paper maps when you're the only driver/navigator in the vehicle. XD
- I started a new job! :D I love it. M-Th, 9:30-2:30. I am home w/ my kids more often, and volunteer on Fridays.
- I joined the local Santa Claus Parade again this year!
- My husband's surgery went well in Sept, and while I had a very busy Sept/Oct helping rehabilitate, dress, bathe, feed, etc., him while still looking after the kids/working/doing all the driving/shopping, things have evened out again for November.
- I decided against doing NaNo this year b/c after assisting my husband/being a 'single' parent for Sept/Oct, I really needed a break
- I've started going to a gym again and feel much better about myself
- I am writing again. Writing 'fic, writing original fiction, and really enjoying myself
- Compared to the 'me' of last year, I am practically a 'social monster' as I joke w/ my kids. :) I actively reach out to friends now to hang out, catch up, etc.
- I've figured out a number of things, and am so much happier, now.
- I didn't make it out to the track day in October (exhaustion was pretty severe), but who knows what the spring will bring?
- Money is tight as Hell, since my new job is paying me about 1/4 of what I used to earn... but overall I can say we've never been happier.
- If you are interested in reading anything I'm currently working on, please let me know. I keep my work on a Google Drive now and can easily share links to specific documents. I have HP, Naruto, and other fanfic on the go, as well as a number of original stories, too. : ) Humour remains a strong suit, so there's plenty of it around.

I'll try and update this more frequently going forward. Thank you for the reminder, annalisemarie99! ;)

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