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Had to do it sometime. :P

(plenty of sarcasm, pls ignore, I'm just b8tching)


I really appreciate the time you took to read 30+ chapters of my story. I agree, yes, there could be more warnings -- but I am limited in my character space for how much I can describe in the story, and I have always mentioned in my author notes that this story is dark. I can't tag everything, nor will I, b/c that defeats the purpose of you reading it. If you didn't like it the first time it showed up in a chapter, then obviously you will not like that that particular thing either happens or is mentioned/referred to in the next 10 chapters.

Reader responsibility plays a part in writing, too.

I am not going to spoon-feed and baby you -- if I have a story that is marked 'M' or 'R', I'm going to assume you're wearing your big boy or big girl knickers.

Having said that, if I ever go back to that story again in the future to review past chapters, I'll consider putting more specific warnings in.

At this time, I'm not interested in expending that effort b/c I am writing lots of pr0n and smut and crazy hijinks for stories that I send to my friends directly instead of posting to public forums where I've already mentioned I enjoy writing such drivel. : )

Thank you for your feedback, it will be taken under advisement for future fic-posting to

(PS: You may note that in other writing websites than, where I am able to add codings/warnings like 'dub-con' to the story separate from the story description, they are fully tagged--in fact, enthusiastically and borderline overtagged, to be safe.)

Much love & appreciation for your remarks, I do agree with certain things you said very heartily (and if I were actively working on that story, you'd see that you're damn-close to something very important, plot-wise!),

Your author,


[EDIT: And if you had left me your e-mail address, or logged into, I would have been happy to discuss these things with you directly.]

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