Nov. 11th, 2012 05:17 pm
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—Broke the half-way mark! 

*thank the gods for weekends, 'cause I barely eek out 100 words on a weeknight*    XD 

...Now, to get back to my guitar practice, which has languished shamefully as I indulged in NaNo...




Nov. 11th, 2012 10:51 am
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Follow-up to last post -- I'm doing NaNo! :D  Who else is?

I was a bit behind *coughcough* until yesterday, but am doing much better. How about you? Does anyone want to buddy-up on   (My username is 'beyondthemoor', like my LJ and Twitter usernames).

I am lucky that hubby was able to look after the kids for the day yesterday, and I escaped to Studio3 from 9:30am - 9pm. XD  

10K words in 12 hours later, and I'm up to speed! (Yes, I do write at masochistic machine-like levels when it hits me.)

Anyone else want to join in on the daily check-ins on Twitter, or buddy-up on

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I've wanted to try NaNo for years, but was never in a position to. Now that my youngest is 2 (and a half), and my oldest is more independent (she's 6), and I have a job where I'm not having a nervous breakdown, I finally gave it a shot.


I hit 51,956 words tonight. *^_^*   I'm so proud of myself!!

I admit, I was working on multiple stories (since I can't seem to concentrate on just one -- and instead of trying to ram too many different things into one story, I figured I'd branch out and see which ideas seem to fit best under each umbrella), but it has been a fantastic exercise. And I have loved this. *^_^*  Studio2 has been a god-send. Every night I could, I'd run out here to the studio and work away in my quiet corner without the distractions of the tv, hubby's computer, etc, etc, etc. ... I feel so much better, having done this. *^_^*

So, in spite of all the stress of the last few years (accidents, tumours, surgeries for myself & my son, the jobsfromtheseventhringofhell, etc.),, I have now completed another of my 'bucket list' goals.
- climbing a mountain to see the sun rise (November 2009, 2 weeks after learning about my tumour)
- motorcycle license (March 2010 - day prior to tumour-removal-surgery)
- taking a motorcycle course (less than 30 days post-tumour-removal-surgery--er, I'll be repeating this one, once I'm in better shape again!)
- finding a less stressful job (even though it meant a pay-cut) (Feb 2011)
- getting a space for myself to write/be creative in (Studio2)  (Aug 2011)
- going to the track to race my car (Sept 2011)
- doing NaNo (not with the aim to publish, but with the goal of doing this to prove to myself YES I CAN!)  <-- today, Nov 26, 2011. Hell, I'm even ahead of schedule!

Next goal?
- Monday afternoon: Take afternoon off work to go to Jeff Martin autograph session, Q&A, & guitar-tuning session @ Long & McQuade. (Followed by Tea Party concert that night--I'll be cutting out of the School Council meeting early to go... bad moor, I know...)  But I'm so ridiculously excited it isn't funny. *^_^*  This is my reward to myself for sticking with my goals and successfully completing NaNo on my first try. I just have to make sure I don't burst into psycho-fangirl-tears the minute I enter the store. ^^;;;  They hate it when fans do that...

I seem to be doing quite well with these goals. ^_^;  (Surprisingly!)  I'm going to have to think up a few more things or I'll have gotten through my 'lifetime' goals w/i the next 5 years or so at this rate. XD  (Then again, 'get snow tires' is on that list, too, and I know I'll be working more diligently on that one in the coming days...)

Hoping everyone else has had a wonderful weekend -- good luck to all who are still working on NaNo! :D

PS: Yes, for the stories I wrote, most are fanfic -- and will likely show up as completed fics once I've finished writing & editing the ends of them. There are currently 5-6 stories.
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One of my oldest friends & I are challenging each other to do NaNo. (Considering her job is media-related, I feel a sense of utter failure on my part *already*, but whatever.) XD I've been wanting to do this for years. And years. And years. And now I'm just going to do it. :D No more letting petty things like work, children, and other responsibilities get in the way -- this month I'm going to be more selfish and f* my sleeping schedule over on something I WANT to do! XD (likely still fanfic-related...)

I admit, I am still debating *what* I'm going to write, but my goal is approx 1666 words/day (or that's what my friend's is, and anything she can do, I can maim better).

So pls to be ignoring the rest of this post as I copy-paste a bunch of prompt tables to give myself a starting point. XD

Prompt tables )

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