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 This past weekend and into tomorrow:
Friday night: left for hotel to join my racing team's org committee. Should have taken 75 minutes. GPS failed. 3 hours later, arrived after having drive through scenery that could have been used to film "The Blair Witch Project". *seriously, I kept expecting bodies to start dropping from the trees* Southern Ontario small towns, at night, you are terrifying...
Saturday: up before dawn to head out to the bakery to collect food/clean/set up race track meeting room/etc for the day's events. Worked hospitality all day--except for a brief sprint around the track w/ a friend who took me out in their new Porsche. OMGAMAZING. Drove home that night to cuddle w/ my kids. (hotel, food, race uniform, etc. all provided by my racing team -- we worked a long, hard day, but I think everyone had a great time!!)
Sunday: Up early again to take the kids into Toronto to go see the TVOKids stage/shows at "Word on the Street"! The kids LOVED it! And I got to meet up with Vicki So (Vicky Essex) to chat for a few minutes at the Harlequin booth. ;)  AWESOME!  Finished off w/ ramen from Ajisen & bubble tea. *^_^*
Monday: Volunteering w/ United Way at work this afternoon, and then tonight I head out w/ hubby to First Aid Training through the KPL!(_o_)  *no day is too long!*  Then, if time permits, shuffling off to studio to dismantle and if possible, move a few things around.
Tuesday: after work: take kids to swimming lessons.

Wednesday: I admit, I haven't had the guts to look that far yet. XD
Moral of the story? It's true what I learned in first year uni: sleep is for the weak. XD
I apologise that I have not been as active reading/writing/replying to anything! 
Note to self: fit in running & guitar practice this week. XD
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 Heaven help us all, it's an update: not my best, and not very inspired, but it moves things along. I can't wait until we move to the new studio so I can get my stuff unpacked to keep going with this -- we've had this move hanging over us for MONTHS and it is driving me mad not being able to pull my things out to work at will. >_<!

New chapter from  moor,

Story: Merits

Chapter 41 Title: Chapter 41

Category: Avatar: Last Airbender

Character(s): Katara & Zuko

Words: 2,062
Genre(s): Romance/Humor
Rating: Rated: M

Summary: Zutara,Jetara. Modern Vampire AU. A scholarship-student in med
school, Katara's writing a paper on porphyria, the 'vampire disease', and how
it related to the legends of evil spirits in her tribe's lore. Zuko, a
vampire, wants more. 
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--is finally nearing completion, and *ahead* of deadline. Saints Preserve Us, I just may finish it up this week, and have a whole week to review & edit before sending it out to betas on September 1st. (0.0)   

The studio has been a god-send. We are moving (I say 'we', b/c the studio is a shared space b/w myself and several friends) the studio to a new unit around September 1st, so it is probably a very good thing I'm nearly done, since I'll need to be packing my little corner up the week after. XD

BUT! If I can get this smaller OF done, I will finally allow myself to tackle my big projects again. (The larger, 3-part, Song-dynasty-based YA that's planned, along with finishing up the monstrosity that is a fanfic, "Merits"; maybe a few other fics I wrote but didn't finish.)

I need to finish something. Whatever this internal hurdle is that keeps tripping me up and making me stagger when I get close to the end of a writing project, I need to see *something* through so I know I can do this again. Too many issues at work (aha! targeting is fun) have demolished my self-confidence in everything I used to just *know* I was very skilled at/in; I want to know I can finish something and be good at it, again. ^_^;;  *constant need to be praised? Why yes. Miyazawa Yukino am I*

But being less than 6,000 words from my word/story goal? It is amazing to feel like this again.

*cautiously optimistic*
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 Ignore me, just venting.
Read more... )
Hubby, I love you, but you're driving me crazy.
- if I'm working on my computer, don't invite me downstairs for nothing. Did you have lunch ready? No. Was there something you needed me for? No. Was I knee-deep in plotting and writing? YES. The calling me down thing? That was an interruption.
- if your dad is visiting/repairing things for us, that's great, thank you very much. But as I don't speak Chinese and can't converse with your dad, please don't just leave the house. It is awkward.
- don't get frustrated with me when I leave to work in our bedroom, or eat in another room than you and your dad. For one thing, neither of you has cleared your crap off the kitchen table to make enough room for me to join you, and for another, your dad only speaks to you, and in Chinese, so there is no conversation for me to join, anyway. I'd really rather just leave and be by myself (in my own house) somewhere else.
- don't call me when I leave the house to go to the studio (b/c I'm sick of feeling like I'm underfoot in my own house, and am about 3 hairs away from an anxiety attack). If I'm at the studio, I'm working. You calling me and asking me to come home for supper when you STILL haven't cleared room for me to eat at the table, and have now cluttered up the tv/family room (the only other table we eat at) with construction junk, and don't even HAVE SUPPER READY FOR ME TO EAT--that is just frustrating and disruptive. I packed up everything I'd been working on at the studio to drive home to see a mess and not a damn bite to eat. Why did you call me? Couldn't you have please just left me alone? I spent all day being hungry because you and your dad needed to do things on the main floor(s) (it's a split level) of the house, and me not being able to access the kitchen; a few more hours won't kill me. I keep the studio stocked with water and a few candybars. And in the studio, I don't need to worry about being constantly interrupted by hammering or random conversations-by-yelling-in-Chinese up and down the stairs, or requests for things that you should KNOW the locations of. (The Vim is with the cleaning supplies. Sigh.)
I understand you're working hard to tidy things up too, I don't mean to make light of what you're doing, but when I can't have a conversation in my own house, when I can't get anything to eat in my own house, and when I feel like I'm underfoot like a nuisance in my own house, I am going to LEAVE my own house and go where I have control. Yes, I'm a control freak. I deal with it by not putting myself in situations where others control my environment. 
I do exactly as you ask when we go visit your family; in fact, I more or less lock myself in a bedroom and don't come out except for very short meals where I never eat enough because your family insult my weight and appearance, and where I have more than once had to put up with theft of my personal belongings because none of you can keep 'that one individual' in line. There are reasons why I literally jump at the chance to leave your family home; escape from anxiety being the biggest one.
So please, when it comes to me hiding or leaving my/our own home, please just leave me be. I'm finally mostly getting along with at least your sister after 12 years, and on my own time, I just want to be left alone. 
Don't bug me if I'm in the studio. It is the only sanctuary I have away from the stress your family, well-intentioned or not, bring me. 
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You know that feeling you get when you want to post something you've written, just to be an attention-whore and to be fawned over for a few minutes (by complete strangers, no less) because you're a recognition-seeking spaz?


So tempted. I think I need to learn healthier ways to ask for attention. XD

(like go practice my guitar, which at least would amuse my kids since I play songs from "The Lion King" for them and sing in funny voices...)

*I also really need to finish what I start before I move on to other writing projects*

Ah well. Maybe I'll have a few minutes to escape to the studio this weekend for a bit. ^_^;;  I could probably eek out a chapter or two of something, if I was able to write uninterrupted for a few hours. There just hasn't been much time to do that, recently. ^_^;
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Dear author,

Thank you for the vocabulary list at the bottom of your story. For the words in latin or other foreign languages, it is a huge help.

For the English words, however, I really think we can leave those to the reader to figure out. ;)

Please give us some credibility. We do know how to look up for 'inocuous' (sp).

We can also look up the meaning of 'innocuous' while we're there. With two 'n's. If we really wanted. : )

I do enjoy your story. You go off-track sometimes, and kind of bludgeon us with certain themes to MAKE SURE WE KNOW IT IS IMPORTANT, but I like it.

Looking forward to more spelling and vocabulary lists,


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Had to do it sometime. :P

(plenty of sarcasm, pls ignore, I'm just b8tching)


I really appreciate the time you took to read 30+ chapters of my story. I agree, yes, there could be more warnings -- but I am limited in my character space for how much I can describe in the story, and I have always mentioned in my author notes that this story is dark. I can't tag everything, nor will I, b/c that defeats the purpose of you reading it. If you didn't like it the first time it showed up in a chapter, then obviously you will not like that that particular thing either happens or is mentioned/referred to in the next 10 chapters.

Reader responsibility plays a part in writing, too.

I am not going to spoon-feed and baby you -- if I have a story that is marked 'M' or 'R', I'm going to assume you're wearing your big boy or big girl knickers.

Having said that, if I ever go back to that story again in the future to review past chapters, I'll consider putting more specific warnings in.

At this time, I'm not interested in expending that effort b/c I am writing lots of pr0n and smut and crazy hijinks for stories that I send to my friends directly instead of posting to public forums where I've already mentioned I enjoy writing such drivel. : )

Thank you for your feedback, it will be taken under advisement for future fic-posting to

(PS: You may note that in other writing websites than, where I am able to add codings/warnings like 'dub-con' to the story separate from the story description, they are fully tagged--in fact, enthusiastically and borderline overtagged, to be safe.)

Much love & appreciation for your remarks, I do agree with certain things you said very heartily (and if I were actively working on that story, you'd see that you're damn-close to something very important, plot-wise!),

Your author,


[EDIT: And if you had left me your e-mail address, or logged into, I would have been happy to discuss these things with you directly.]
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1. "(Teddy-bear)! Let's go wash your hands!"

No dice.

2. "(Teddy-bear)! Let's go play with soap!"

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 (An actual conversation from this afternoon, at our place)
#1 Daughter: "What's that fresh smell?"
Me (laughing a bit under my breath): "Pine-Sol, Clorox, and toilet bowl cleaner. I cleaned the bathrooms."
#1 Daughter: "It smells good... but my nose is starting to hurt."
Me: "That's the stench of cleanliness, #1 Daughter. It burns, I know. Don't worry, it doesn't happen too often around here."
#1 Daughter: "Thank goodness."
Yes, that's me, working mom of the year: When the house is clean, it hurts everyone. XD

In other news, we had a fantastic time at the CIAS (Canadian International Auto Show) in Toronto, ON, on Saturday. Photos on my FB & on Twitter (!/beyondthemoor ).  ;)

Also, yes, I am still doing some writing -- part of the reason I'm not posting it is b/c I'm actually editing it, the other part being that I'm trying to *finish* writing them before I post them, going forward. It's... taking a bit longer than I'd anticipated. Luckily, I'm feeling much better these days. ^_^

Happy weekend, all!  (Long weekend here in Ontario, what with it being Family Day.)

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- loving my Kobo (picked it up for Vegas -- just re-loaded it with a few *entire series* omnibus versions of YA and other things, including some le Carre, and some classic Canadian authors.)
- am finally getting a bit of a handle on my smart phone. Mostly free games for my kids to play. XD
- Contrary to popular belief, I am actively writing -- actually moreso than I was before, now that I have the studio to escape to several nights a week. Hubby is being very supportive, and things are moving along a fair bit smoother. 
- I actually have several hundred pages written (between November 1, starting NaNo, to now) of about 4-6 different stories. One or two may end up melting together later, but we'll see.
- I'm actually reading a fair amount of HP-fandom fic, surprisingly enough. It only took me  a decade to get into it. XD But I've got some great stories to read there, and I'm loving the way certain authors have built and even expanded on the HP-verse within their fics. It works well the way they've done it, and it's kept my somewhat flighty attention.Others have done really, really neat adaptations.
-  My three most 'active' WIPs at the moment are a Naruto fic (70+ pages), an HP-fic (strangely probably 60+ pages, too), and then the next one would probably be SaiMono-fic, "Competition", which accidentally fell off the radar with the trip to Vegas and then the move and then my daughter starting school this fall and me going through some training at work and then NANO, and me forgetting to breathe and eat and sleep... 
- I'mbreathing and eating and sleeping, and apart from the freaking amount of iron I need to ingest daily with my little green ferrous pills, am now doing very well! :D It's awesome!
- Am currently looking into taking a stunt-driving course. (Yeah, motorcycle driver training and racing my Civic around the track just weren't 'dangerous' enough for me. I need new inspirations for the levels of stupidity I can attain. So... New goal acquired!)
- just successfully survived my six-month review (a bit late) at my job. Not sucking. Good enough!

I'm currently working on finishing up those latest fics-in-progress, and once I've *FINISHED* writing them, I intend to EDIT them, and then POST them... and then, hopefully get back to finishing "Merits"... someday. Once I've had a chance to break & put myself back together. There's actually a fair bit of that story written but not posted... it's just...argh. Ignore me. ^^;; I need a week to isolate myself in solitary before that can be tackled. 

Anyway! Hoping all's well with everyone else & that you're all enjoying your holidays! :D   My hubby's home w/ the kids while I'm trudging to work every morning, but I gotta admit, it's nice to come home to warm cuddles & supper at the end of the day. If only I earned  more -- I'd totally indulge in a manservant house-husband if I could swing my mortgage on just my salary, hahaha! XD
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Yes, Rockstar-AU, I'm looking at you. No. NO.
Those pages of notes? Those are doodles. Not plotlines.
Not character development, not set-up, not "plans".
I am not writing you right now. I need to finish too many other stories first.
You need to wait your turn.
And wait and wait and wait....
Because I cannot write you right now. No matter how clear the ideas and timeline and ease the notes are coming to me.
*stuffs notebook under couch cushion*
If I can't see the notebook, the notebook isn't there... 
It doesn't sit on the desk beside me at work, either, when there's a gap between calls.
And it isn't 10+ pages long, either. 

*... am so screwed...*
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I've wanted to try NaNo for years, but was never in a position to. Now that my youngest is 2 (and a half), and my oldest is more independent (she's 6), and I have a job where I'm not having a nervous breakdown, I finally gave it a shot.


I hit 51,956 words tonight. *^_^*   I'm so proud of myself!!

I admit, I was working on multiple stories (since I can't seem to concentrate on just one -- and instead of trying to ram too many different things into one story, I figured I'd branch out and see which ideas seem to fit best under each umbrella), but it has been a fantastic exercise. And I have loved this. *^_^*  Studio2 has been a god-send. Every night I could, I'd run out here to the studio and work away in my quiet corner without the distractions of the tv, hubby's computer, etc, etc, etc. ... I feel so much better, having done this. *^_^*

So, in spite of all the stress of the last few years (accidents, tumours, surgeries for myself & my son, the jobsfromtheseventhringofhell, etc.),, I have now completed another of my 'bucket list' goals.
- climbing a mountain to see the sun rise (November 2009, 2 weeks after learning about my tumour)
- motorcycle license (March 2010 - day prior to tumour-removal-surgery)
- taking a motorcycle course (less than 30 days post-tumour-removal-surgery--er, I'll be repeating this one, once I'm in better shape again!)
- finding a less stressful job (even though it meant a pay-cut) (Feb 2011)
- getting a space for myself to write/be creative in (Studio2)  (Aug 2011)
- going to the track to race my car (Sept 2011)
- doing NaNo (not with the aim to publish, but with the goal of doing this to prove to myself YES I CAN!)  <-- today, Nov 26, 2011. Hell, I'm even ahead of schedule!

Next goal?
- Monday afternoon: Take afternoon off work to go to Jeff Martin autograph session, Q&A, & guitar-tuning session @ Long & McQuade. (Followed by Tea Party concert that night--I'll be cutting out of the School Council meeting early to go... bad moor, I know...)  But I'm so ridiculously excited it isn't funny. *^_^*  This is my reward to myself for sticking with my goals and successfully completing NaNo on my first try. I just have to make sure I don't burst into psycho-fangirl-tears the minute I enter the store. ^^;;;  They hate it when fans do that...

I seem to be doing quite well with these goals. ^_^;  (Surprisingly!)  I'm going to have to think up a few more things or I'll have gotten through my 'lifetime' goals w/i the next 5 years or so at this rate. XD  (Then again, 'get snow tires' is on that list, too, and I know I'll be working more diligently on that one in the coming days...)

Hoping everyone else has had a wonderful weekend -- good luck to all who are still working on NaNo! :D

PS: Yes, for the stories I wrote, most are fanfic -- and will likely show up as completed fics once I've finished writing & editing the ends of them. There are currently 5-6 stories.
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ignore )

“You… you don’t have to, if you …” another groan as she reached for him, inside, “if you don’t want to,” he said, trying valiantly to do the honourable thing.



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One of my oldest friends & I are challenging each other to do NaNo. (Considering her job is media-related, I feel a sense of utter failure on my part *already*, but whatever.) XD I've been wanting to do this for years. And years. And years. And now I'm just going to do it. :D No more letting petty things like work, children, and other responsibilities get in the way -- this month I'm going to be more selfish and f* my sleeping schedule over on something I WANT to do! XD (likely still fanfic-related...)

I admit, I am still debating *what* I'm going to write, but my goal is approx 1666 words/day (or that's what my friend's is, and anything she can do, I can maim better).

So pls to be ignoring the rest of this post as I copy-paste a bunch of prompt tables to give myself a starting point. XD

Prompt tables )
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 - Ok, not much writing going on. ^^;  I did doodle around a bit with a MadaSaku idea (again, I'm so pathetic), while I was in the car this past week. Will see if I type it up / flesh it out later.
- Had a great time at the Girls Night at the Garage this past week in Toronto! :D   Worth the drive (almost 4 hours round-trip) and terrible weather. ^_^b
- Did boatloads of laundry this weekend.
- Looked into a new job (possibly more on this later -- and yes, I just started a 'new' job this past February...)...
- Spoke to an old friend about possibly applying to aforementioned new job, and am now getting stupidly determined about applying for it. I doubt I have a chance, but stranger things have happened than me getting a break at a long-shot.... We'll see. Talking to said-friend was a wonderful help and gave me a great deal of perspective. I want to be proactive in my employment instead of reactive, as I've been forced to be the last few years.
- Set out 'prizes' for 3 out of 4 of the winners for the SaiMono Summer Swelter Challenge. Sent a note out to the last winner who I hadn't heard from yet. Hoping for reply this week to settle that.
- Bought a new phone (smartphone). Arrived this week.... I have no idea how to use it. >_<;;;;

School Council meeting tomorrow night (yay! my first official night as treasurer!), and hopefully, if I'm really lucky, a chance at a night of WRITING. Because I could really use it.

Other than that... Hoping all is well w/ everyone! :D

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Sorry for lack of updates / fic-writing / etc.  (And for what fic there was, it wasn't exactly top-quality). XD

Am working on getting things put together here @ the house, and dealing with kids / school / late-shifts, etc. A bit under the weather recently, but hoping to be better soon. : )

Will see if I can make a half-decent post this weekend about... something. XD (I just got a new phone, does that count?)

Take care, hope all's well w/ everyone else! 

! AWOL !

Aug. 31st, 2011 10:59 pm
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... er, I may need to disappear again for a bit, sorry.....

- Got back from Vegas.
- House was *FINALLY* finalized/closed yesterday.
- Hubby's car exploded yesterday
- Garage confirmed would cost $6K+ to fix it (which means new car time for hubby)

- no one was seriously injured in Vegas, and by replying to my family's summons, it means I'm off the hook for another few years
- Hubby was able to escape car unscathed
- ... really, that's about it
- NO WAIT! Hubby cleared the bathroom drain the other day so it flows fast again. Yay!

- expenses from Vegas come in on next VISA
- we're low on our regular funds already w/ purchasing new house
- seriously WTF is with the stupid car gassing itself?!
- Oh gods how are we going to afford new house, childcare for 2 kids, and car payments for 2 cars on our salaries? *panic is seeping in around the corners*
- I'm officially looking for a second job because of *see above*
- I need to do a course for work (on my own time) for some certification
- I admit, I'm beginning to believe those old rumours about carrying a curse on my name

What this means: My fun/writing schedule is likely going to become pretty erratic over the next little while. I may write a WHOLE LOT out of stress-purging, or I may need to stop completely. We'll see. Studio2 is always there if I need it. ^^;;

I may also indulge in alcohol or codeine to numb things a little. XD (Not at Studio2)

Anyway. That's been my last 3 days, how's your week going? XD

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