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(copying here to keep things sort-of consistent)

Well, for starters, my time management is at an all-time high! ;)

Really brief:

- spent the summer on the coast w/ my family
- drove across Canada w/ the kids in my little Civic... on my own. The GPS kamikaze'd itself dramatically midway through the wilds of Qu├ębec. Oh, to return to the glory of paper maps when you're the only driver/navigator in the vehicle. XD
- I started a new job! :D I love it. M-Th, 9:30-2:30. I am home w/ my kids more often, and volunteer on Fridays.
- I joined the local Santa Claus Parade again this year!
- My husband's surgery went well in Sept, and while I had a very busy Sept/Oct helping rehabilitate, dress, bathe, feed, etc., him while still looking after the kids/working/doing all the driving/shopping, things have evened out again for November.
- I decided against doing NaNo this year b/c after assisting my husband/being a 'single' parent for Sept/Oct, I really needed a break
- I've started going to a gym again and feel much better about myself
- I am writing again. Writing 'fic, writing original fiction, and really enjoying myself
- Compared to the 'me' of last year, I am practically a 'social monster' as I joke w/ my kids. :) I actively reach out to friends now to hang out, catch up, etc.
- I've figured out a number of things, and am so much happier, now.
- I didn't make it out to the track day in October (exhaustion was pretty severe), but who knows what the spring will bring?
- Money is tight as Hell, since my new job is paying me about 1/4 of what I used to earn... but overall I can say we've never been happier.
- If you are interested in reading anything I'm currently working on, please let me know. I keep my work on a Google Drive now and can easily share links to specific documents. I have HP, Naruto, and other fanfic on the go, as well as a number of original stories, too. : ) Humour remains a strong suit, so there's plenty of it around.

I'll try and update this more frequently going forward. Thank you for the reminder, annalisemarie99! ;)

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