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Very much. While home, I did get to edit/post a few old stories to; yay! 

However, my kids (mostly my youngest) were fussy. Despite getting them out to activities and exhibits and for bike rides daily, they were unhappy. #1 son in particular spent most of his March Break disappointed for one reason or another. (I think he missed his friends from school. I tried to call a few up to invite them over to play, but unfortunately didn't get calls back. I felt so bad for him.)

So, after a long week with the kids, I have posted the next chapter of FF II to & AO3 early in honour of Sakura's birthday this week. 

Because right now, I need some love. XD 

Now heading to the medicine cabinet to see if we have any acetaminophen to deal with this headache.
 Too many tantrums, too much ingratitude, too much whining this week. *sigh* 

Someday, I will have a little vacation of my own. Until then, we plod on. XD

*years since I had a vacation: 15+* 
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